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BridgeoverColumbiathumb.JPG (9844 bytes)

Bridge over Columbia River

Imlaythumb.JPG (7423 bytes)

I-80 Nevada

VantageRoadthumb.JPG (7058 bytes)

Road in Washington

DirtRoadinSanJuansthumb.JPG (8572 bytes)

Dirt Road in San Juan Mtns

TweedsmuirRoadthumb.JPG (11046 bytes)

Road in Tweedsmuir Park

I-84inGorgethumb.JPG (9247 bytes)

In the Columbia River Gorge

WilliamsLakeBridgethumb.JPG (10895 bytes)

Bridge over the Frasier

Mt.ShastaSignsthumb.JPG (10117 bytes)

Mt. Shasta Viewpoint

LoneCaronHwy550thumb.JPG (7947 bytes)

Car on Lonely Highway

Hwy17&Hwy260thumb.JPG (8848 bytes)

Washington Road Sign

PCHCapeSebastianthumb.JPG (9633 bytes)

Pacific Coast Highway

TranscanadaRevelstokethumb.JPG (9885 bytes)

In Revelstoke National Park

HeckmanPass18%thumb.JPG (9547 bytes)

The Hill

HeckmanPassthumb.JPG (10214 bytes)

Heckman Pass

Highway20thumb.JPG (8566 bytes)

Highway 20

SeatoSkyCloudsthumb.JPG (10147 bytes)

Sea to Sky Highway

SeatoSkySunthumb.JPG (11383 bytes)

Sea to Sky Highway

Mt. Shastafrom I-5thumb.JPG (8423 bytes)

Shasta from I-5



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