Pictures of North Americana



NanooseBaythumb.JPG (9991 bytes)

Tiger at Nanoose Bay

HuskytheMuskiethumb.JPG (10478 bytes)

Big Fish at Kenora

NetleyCreekGoosethumb.JPG (11029 bytes)

Goose at Netley Creek

KleenaKleenethumb.JPG (9978 bytes)

Kleena Kleene

LoisLanethumb.JPG (12965 bytes)

Lois Lane in Duncan

HorseflyLikelythumb.JPG (9739 bytes)


NevadaBorderTownthumb.JPG (10635 bytes)

Nevada-California Border

RevelstokeSignPosterthumb.JPG (13372 bytes)

Revelstoke, BC

California-Oregon Border thumb.JPG (8527 bytes)

California-Oregon Border

StonehengeReplicaSchematicthumb.JPG (11136 bytes)

Schematic of Stonehenge Replica

CrownpointParkingLotthumb.JPG (10321 bytes)

Parking Lot at Crownpoint

GoldenOverlookthumb.JPG (11122 bytes)

Golden, British Columbia

Chilcotinthumb.JPG (14638 bytes)

Map of Chilicotin Region, BC


Fuller Lake

AlexisCreekMapthumb.JPG (12135 bytes)

Map at Alexis Creek, BC



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This site is dedicated to the memories of my brother Roderic Terrance Williams (1953 - 2000)

&  Herb Lewis (1918 - 2009) an inspiration to the photographers who knew him.