Interesting Pictures of North Americana



StonehengeReplicathumb.JPG (8914 bytes)

Stonehenge Replica

Rainbow&Shellthumb.JPG (9373 bytes)

Rainbow over Shell Station


Plane at JFK


LogCabinChilkoRiverLodgethumb.JPG (12629 bytes)

Log Cabin at Chilko River Lodge

WesternHemispherethumb.JPG (7981 bytes)

Western Hemisphere

Three Valley Gap Chateau

Louisvillethumb.JPG (13329 bytes)

Louisville, Kentucky

Shopping Center at Lake Louise thumb.JPG (10214 bytes)

Shopping Center at Lake Louise

SearsTowerthumb.JPG (6997 bytes)

Top of the Sears Tower

InsideStonehengeReplicathumb.JPG (12119 bytes)

Stonehenge Replica

DontWalkVerticalthumb.JPG (12576 bytes)

Sign at Campbell River

DeckCabinBayViewthumb.JPG (12272 bytes)

BC Ferries

Lillooetthumb.JPG (9752 bytes)

Lillooet, British Columbia

LondonBridgethumb.JPG (10036 bytes)

London Bridge

TatlaLakethumb.JPG (8979 bytes)

Tatla Lake, British Columbia

TheThreeC'sthumb.JPG (8913 bytes)

The Three C's

ChicagoRiverthumb.JPG (8749 bytes)

Chicago River

The Three Baysthumb.JPG (10844 bytes)

The Three Bays


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This site is dedicated to the memories of my brother Roderic Terrance Williams (1953 - 2000)

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