Pictures of Objects in the Landscape



BridgeOverMontmorencyFallsthumb.JPG (9856 bytes)

Bridge over Falls

Astoria Columnthumb.JPG (9806 bytes)

Astoria Column

PeopleinBrycethumb.JPG (9383 bytes)

People in Bryce Canyon

LakeBillyChinookthumb.JPG (10071 bytes)

Lake Billy Chinook

ResSunsetthumb.JPG (6628 bytes)

Sunset:  Navajo Reservation

CampsitePyramidthumb.JPG (11759 bytes)

Campsite at Pyramid Lake

ParkBench&Olympicsthumb.JPG (7708 bytes)

Bench & Olympic Mountains

Behind South Fallsthumb.JPG (7953 bytes)

Behind South Falls

FishermenatBurneyFallsthumb.JPG (8791 bytes)

Fishermen at Burney Falls

ClimbersatSaltCreekFallsthumb.JPG (6688 bytes)

Climber at Salt Creek Falls

CaratWhiteSandsthumb.JPG (7820 bytes)

Car at White Sands

House on a Hillthumb.JPG (8565 bytes)

House on the Hill


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This site is dedicated to the memories of my brother Roderic Terrance Williams (1953 - 2000)

&  Herb Lewis (1918 - 2009) an inspiration to the photographers who knew him.