Pictures of Objects in the Landscape


When subject matter is forced to fit into preconceived patterns, there can be no freshness of vision.

Edward Weston



StreetLightatRedLakethumb.JPG (6336 bytes)

Streetlight at Sunset

BoatonLakeManitobathumb.JPG (5614 bytes)

Boat on Lake Manitoba

PeaceTowersatSunsetthumb.JPG (9232 bytes)

International Peace Garden

International Peace Garden

AbandonedHousethumb.JPG (8248 bytes)

Abandoned Barn

Midwestern Farmland

WindmillNebraskathumb.JPG (4837 bytes)

Windmill in Nebraska

  MolasSummitSignthumb.jpg (5834 bytes)

Molas Pass in Winter

FarmlandLimerickSKthumb.JPG (6888 bytes)

Canadian Farmland

IceClimbersthumb.jpg (4530 bytes)

Ice Climbers


Cape Sebastian

Lake Powell Overlook


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