G. Arnell Williams has been interested in the photographic image for most of his life. As an undergraduate college student, he took 20 cross country trips on Greyhound buses with a 110 camera in hand.  Not a single image came close to capturing what he witnessed.   In 1991 he purchased a 35mm SLR camera, and in an Avis rental car embarked on a six week trip across Canada to Alaska with an eye to capture the spectacular scenery.

While the landscape remains his greatest interest;  his foremost passion is making dramatic images, and he will follow it wherever it leads.   If this happens to cross genres,  so be it.  He loves viewing great images of other photographers ("a marvelous source of inspiration") and  reading the thoughts of the masters.

He is 47 years old and holds a bachelor's degree from California State University at Long Beach and a master's  degree from Yale University.








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Unless otherwise noted, all images are copyrighted by G. Arnell Williams.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my brother:   Roderic Terrance Williams(1953 - 2000).